February 28, 2011
thirty-ninth and fortieth submission:

I havn’t heard them in awhile but I can always choose to listen to them told again (: 

My Great Grandmother: My grandfathers mom on my moms side. Her name is Dorothy (Dorothea in Spanish and her nickname is Doris) She was alive during WWII but lived in Spain, where there was still war. She had 9? I believe 9 sisters, I may be wrong so don’t trust my word on that one just yet. Both her parents died of heart problems when she was young. She would sleep in underground railroads and bomb shelters because they would constantly be hit. She then worked in a monastery making cute napkins, cloths, and other things. There’s a lot more to tell but this is the story that I haven’t heard in over a year so I would have to talk to her again (: She is 96, I believe, and always remarks on how aging for this long leaves more of an emotional toll because of all the people you’ve seen go. 

My Great Uncle: He is my grandma’s brother on my dad’s side. To be honest I do not know his name /: My grandmother never told me but I could always find out more so there is no problem there. He was a gay man who eventually died of aids before I was born. Back in the 80’s/early 90’s not many people knew a lot about Gays or AIDS, it was all a relatively new thing, and a new connection between the two. Most people, or I should say almost all, were uncomfortable with even the idea of a gay. From what my grandmother says he took to my father especially when he was diagnosed. In his earlier times of coming out he cut his hair and did weird things to it that my grandmother was repulsed by. He moved and went crazy, trying to be free, trying to embrace the weird feelings he was having. He wanted to make sure what he wanted was truly what he wanted. He had sex with men, he partied, he explored himself. Eventually he came back and tried to be a better man, tried straightening out (not literally :p). My grandmother said he was still gay, but he gained more respect for himself. Then he got sick and the doctor said he had AIDS. No one wanted to go near him because of the ignorance towards the disease. Even though the Doc said it’s okay to touch him and see him, no one believed it and no one was comfortable enough too. So my grandmother took him in. He was a sweet and funny man, and would always look on the bright side. My grandmother trusted the doctors and helped him, she allowed my father to be around him too. He loved my dad, even though my dad never talks about him. (I have been meaning to ask him of his side of the story) He died in my grandmothers house.

I personally love my great uncles story because I’m gay, and I hate that I never met him. My father was never accepting of me and well basically I’m going to ask him about my G-uncle just to see what he has to say. Soooo I hope this helps so far! Let me know girly e