March 2, 2011
forty-first submission:

You asked for one hero. One person who has changed your life, or how you view the world as well as yourself. I don’t have ONE hero. I have several. My mom has made it possible for me to be successful.My dad has made it possible for me to laugh.My friends have given me reasons to live and enjoy life.My teachers have given me the knowledge to create my own opinions.My peers have given me the strength to move past hateful words. But if you ask for one hero. One person who has made a difference. I would have to say it’s Andy Warhol. For one solitary quote: ”Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.” That’s how I’ve eventually decided to live my life.I greet everyone with “Hello, beautiful!” because everyone really is beautiful.And they deserve to know.I want everyone to also live by that idea, because then, there would be a serious lack of hatred. My heroes: everyday people who only try to make a difference. Sincerely,Victoria Hood