March 2, 2011
forty-second submission:

My hero would be my step dad Timothy James Schott. I met him when I was 12 and before that my mom had raised me and my brothers by herself in extreme poverty. I never knew what it felt like for a little girl to love her dad. I still do struggle with it and I am 23 now. My current goal is to finally call my step dad simply dad to his face and not just by his name, Tim. I have never known a greater man in my life. Or a greater person! My mom passed away at an early age and my step dad became my guardian when I was 17 because I had no one else. Sadly enough, I do know my real dad. I often wish I didn’t because I think it hurts more knowing he just doesn’t want anything to do with me. BUT forget about all that because I already have the most wonderful dad I could ever ask for! I always think to myself that if I could have picked who my dad would be out of every man in the universe, I would choose my step dad Tim. Not only is he comletely supportive of my sexuality(I am a lesbian), he also supports me emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially. I am a grown woman now and take care of myself, but I know if I am ever in any sort of trouble, I have an amazing father to go to for help. Everyone I know who has ever met him would also agree with me that he is the most generous, loving, giving, nurturing man ever. So that’s my hero! Wish to hear more of my story, let me know :].