March 4, 2011
forty-third submission:

Dear Teagan Alexander,
My name is Kaura Satrk, i found the post you made to gaywrites on Tumblr, and i felt like telling you my hero.
my Hero is a guy who changed my life forever. His name is Gregg Visintainer, aka Viz. He is an artist who i had followed already and been familiar with his work on brands suc as Volcom and DC, about a year ago my old art teaher invited him into our class to show us how he creates art using lines. When he came he told us more than lines, he told us his past, things that had destroyed him, things he regreted but things that had made him who he is and where he draws inspiration from. apart from the classroom i was moved i stayed after class to possibly talk to him but i was soo nervous i couldn’t get the nerve to say anything and he left, since than i have adapted his style, and become pretty known around my parts, but i feel fake because it was all from him he inspired me with his story and art. I’m in the process of making him one of the biggest drawings i have ever done using his style. I think he is an amazing man for you to look up.
he usualy hangs around ocenside farmers market. when you get to california you should come find him its all on his website.
Thanks for reading my email 
Kaura Stark