March 10, 2011
could you spare one minute?

want to help out?

helloo! :) first off, i hope you are having a lovely day. 

and, thank you for following theherohunt tumblr! :)

so, you want to help out?


well, there are a few ways:

  1. on theherohunt tumblr, there is a video. i posted it about three times, just scroll through the pages. i have also posted it on my personal (counterstrummer) tumblr. you could reblog that!
  2. you can post a link on your blog, asking your followers to follow theherohunt
  3. send an email to telling me who your hero is, and why. 
  4. TELL YOUR PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, LITTLE SIBLINGS, AUNTS, UNCLES, COUSINS ABOUT IT! I reaaallllyyyyyy want/need some non-teenagers to send in their stories (i need teenagers too)
  5. You can post a facebook status about it! Tell your facebook friends to send in an email!
  6. ATTEND THIS: — it’s the event I made on facebook. Then, you can invite all of your friends! :) And share it on your wall.

Do all of these, and I owe you :P

hahah! :) but really, anything would be greatly appreciated <3333

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