March 28, 2011
forty-seventh submission:

A long time ago, I would have listed someone like my father or my sisters. They have been here all of life (obviously) and together we have gone through so much from a divorce to an estranged mother and so on, but over the years as I’ve become wiser and have matured, I’ve realized that I do not have a hero. 
A hero, in society’s eyes, is someone who has saved another being from a reckless decision or some kind of unfortunate accident. I have yet to encounter such a person in my daily life.

However, I have encountered many people who have inspired and changed me. They’ve shed a new light on a situation, have steered me in a direction that wasn’t on the compass of my life. Shown me the hidden beauties of the world and have helped me create a different understanding and a better tolerance of the world around me. They have challenged me to explore my boundaries, break them, set new ones, and start the process all over again. They have helped me face my fears, backing me up with pitchforks and torches in hand, never straying from my side when I chicken out. 

These particular people are my friends, my family, a random person I’ve talked to sitting in a sauna, authors and painters, make-up artists, celebrites and next door neighbors. Store clerks and teachers. They are nameless nobodies and stupendous somebodies.

They are the core of who I was, have become and who I will be.


Brelyn Davis

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